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Kayfun Lite Plus

The Kayfun Lite Plus has brought a fresh of breath air into the area of atties. The Lite Plus is essentially the Kayfun Lite we have all grown to love with a couple new features! also, the Lite Plus has a new price and that is what excites me the most! the new average price for the Lite Plus is $99, and who wouldn’t mind saving $11, and you get the new features! Carrying on, the first addition is adjustable air flow just like the 3.1, but it keeps the compact ascetics of the Lite.  The second upgrade is a deeper juice fill “valve”. I am not sure why this was changed, the last version worked very well, but I assume others seemed to have a different opinion. Nonetheless, the Kayfun Lite Plus looks like it’s here to stay.

I stopped by VapreRev to check out the Plus, and decided I had to have one. unfortunately they are sold out, so it look like im waiting, but I will share a piece of VapeRev’s description with you, “The Kayfun Lite Plus brings a couple key changes to the table that make the atty more versatile to accommodate your needs. SvoëMesto has added adjustable airflow to the Plus, making the atty more adaptable than before! The fill valve has also been recessed further into the bottom cap to allow the top of your juice bottle to make a more efficient connection with the valve and prevent wasting juice. An O-ring has also been added to the fill valve screw, ensuring a leak-proof seal!” Again, I never had an issue with my fill hole leaking, and I was under the impression the kayfun Lite had just a fill hole, not a fill valve, but I don’t want to argue semantics.

In the end. The Plus looks like an awesome addiction to anyone’s vaping wardrobe, and it will definitely find a home in my gear! When I do acquire one I will give you the full details of my experience with it. Until then……..


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  1. Dillon
    Dillon November 21, 2013 at 11:00 am |

    Thank you for your comments and I will be looking into the Kayfun lite plus I truly appreciate your breakdowns and it’s official I need one!! Come visit my tiny little store at I’m just getting off the ground in western Canada wish me luck and thanks again!!

  2. Isaac
    Isaac December 4, 2013 at 8:40 pm |

    The Kayfun Lite PLUS IS ON EBAY for $115


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